Masterpieces in Miniature
Discount Coupon

Home Quarantine Sale. Take 20% off the total of all kits and parts. (Note this is good only on in-stock items. We have plenty of stock on most things.)

Discontinued Items Sale. Good while supplies last: Take 25% off any cast fittings (in stock only). Also applies to the photo-etched brass watertight doors. (Note the discount on these discontinued fittings is good only while supplies last, as these items have been discontinued from our line.)

If you are mailing in your order, print this coupon and send it with your order and your payment to:

427 Hartford Sq
West Chester, PA 19380

(Don't forget to deduct your discount from the amount you send in!)

If you are emailing your order to us, we will include these discounts in the pricing.

Special notice: If you are interested in buying out all our remaining stock on these discontinued items at a negotiated price please send an email and we can see if we can come to an agreement on them.

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